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Firebox USB Cassette Deck


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More hardware than software but the Firebox USB Cassette Deck is a tape to mp3 converter that looks like a double tape deck that can be connected to the computer via USB connection. It can also be connected to an amplifier for tape-to-tape dubbing. It has two kinds of software one for copying. One is a copying wizard and the other one using Audacity for editing. According to the review, the software programs have some minor quirks but all in all, Firebox USB Cassette Deck is one of the better alternatives in cassette to mp3 converters out there.

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This application allows anyone to convert wma audio files to mp3 for iTunes or any other player on your Mac. EasyWMA is very easy to install and there is certainly no need for external package or codec installation. Not only is the interface of the EasyWMA simple, but your files can be fully dragged and dropped. It is also capable of batch processing so converting folders and libraries of songs in wma format can be done fast and easy with just one click. This is a very simple and user friendly application for audiophiles.

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TuneBite Premium

Most file conversion programs resists doing their business on protected music that may be encoded with DRM but with this software, it becomes easy as pie. DRM is actually software that is programmed along with the song tracks that tells your desktop or encoder that it cannot be copied without the proper software, they can be done legally for personal use, ready for transfer to your favorite media player or other media enabled devices. Most mobiles and smartphones have the ability to support media in the MP3 format yet they must be encoded with a proper balance between sound quality and file size. Most mobile devices support the MP3 audio file format along with many other popular ones that are used by proprietary players and gadgets. Read the rest of this entry »

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Decoding .flac files with Winamp

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First things first, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed Winamp, the Flac with library support plug-in for Winamp, and iTunes, all of which are free.
There are two steps in converting your .flac files to .mp3. The first is to decode the .flac’s into .wav files. After that’s done, you’ll encode the .wav files into .mp3’s.

Steps in decoding .flac files with Winamp
1. Open Winamp and select Options and then Preferences… (note: if you’re using the “classic version” skin, open the Winamp Preferences by clicking the Control and p keys on your keyboard)

2. Select Output from the Plug-ins section of the left window, and then select Nullsoft Disk Writer. Click Configure.

3. Click the Directory: button so you can choose a location to save the .wav files

4. Navigate to the folder you want to save the .wav files in. I usually save them in the same folder as the .flac files.

5. Click OK to return to the Preferences window, and then Close to return to Winamp. Now select File -> Play file… and navigate to the folder with your .flac files. Select all of the .flac files by single-clicking the first file, holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, and then single-clicking the last file. When all of the files are selected, click Open

6. Press the Play button. Winamp will now decode the .flac files and turn them into .wav files. It typically takes about 20 seconds to convert a 5 minute song, but this depends on how “fast” your PC is.
Once Winamp is done decoding the files, make sure to set the Plug-ins -> Output back to DirectSound output, or the next time you try to play a file using Winamp, it will decode that file instead.
Check to make sure all of the .wav files were created.

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Quick Guide MP3 and Digital Music

MP3 files is one of the digital music format that shaken the industry today. The only problem is, is it cheaper to buy? How does this item help me in my daily life? Maybe ill only be in to the new trend…

Music help us relieved our tension, make us calm and help us feel better, but before we need radios or big cassettes just to listen to any music. (Oh how irritating!) We cannot put those things in our pocket. But with the latest MP3 Digital Music, music can be everywhere, anywhere and any time we want to listen to it.

You can easily enjoy and have fun of it thanks for the newest revolution we have the MP3 Digital Music.

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What is mp3?

Audio Layer 3 another term from MP3, it is a digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compression. The MP3 files begun to fully recognize to the internet, it has the ability to encode audio, during encoding, there are 576 times domain samples taken and are transformed to 576 frequencies domain samples.

And sometimes if there is a transient, 192 samples are taken instead of 576. This is done to make limit the temporal spread of quantization noise accompanying the transient. It has also the ability to decode audio and it carefully defined in the standard. In fact it has also its own audio quality. The lower the bit rate used, the lower the audio quality will be, but the smaller the file size it has.

Bit rates, file structure, design limitations, ID3 and other tags, volume normalization, are also some of the composition of MP3.

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