Mp3 File Format Problems

Have you ever experienced uploading your file on the internet (any social networking site that allows file uploading or perhaps, your personal blog) yet, cannot upload it because it has the wrong format? Do not despair. In fact you can do something about it.

Some websites only support certain file type extensions. For photos, most sites only accept .jpg, .gif or .png files, while on the other hand, most sites only allow .mp3 files to be uploaded. If your audio file is not in the mp3 format, what you can do is to convert it first to mp3. After you have converted the file, try to upload it again and if the upload succeeds, then you’re on it.

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Chat Widget Allows Sharing of MP3 Links

If you have an mp3 website and you want to let your visitors chat real time with each other as well as be able to upload mp3 links via chat, then Chatwing is the chat widget you are looking for.

Chatwing has been providing their chatbox widget for some time now. However it is only a couple of days ago that they announced their chat widget’s ability to upload images and mp3 links. This comes as a nice bonus to the already really friendly chatbox, encouraging even greater social sharing between visitors of a site. This is important to website owners because the more people can do on your site, the longer they are apt to stay just like visitors will stay longer in a warm and comfy house, but will make excuses to leave if they get bored.

What’s even better about Chatwing is that it is absolutely free! So if you haven’t tried Chatwing on your site yet, check it out and see if mp3 sharing via chat on your site encourages sound trippers to participate.

Image via Chatwing

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The Difference between MP3 and MP4

As we all know, mp3 is a compressed type of audio file, but have you heard the file type “mp4”? It is a fact that both the mp3 and the mp4 are MPEGs but what are their differences?

The mp4 is a multimedia type of file format, meaning it is not only limited to audio files. If mp3s are audio files only, mp4s are for all types of media such as audio (only), video, images, games and so on and so forth. There are some mp4 players available in the market today that are small and handy, so you can watch your video clips anywhere you go.


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Apple EarPods

If you are like me, listening to music 24/7 then you probably have the same hidden aversion towards inner-earphones (uncomfortable and annoying as hell) Apple’s new EarPods is a great new product that makes listening to music anywhere better. I think everyone who has it would agree with me and with Apple’s recent press event, they announced that they’ve shipped 600 million sets of the headphones!  This tiny piece of magic are the MOST comfortable buds that has been produced. It is defined by the geometry of the ear. You get high quality audio and I’ve heard this comment more than once before “it produces deeper, richer bass tones” Oh such a gift for fellow drum and bass lovers like me! For $30, it is a steal. Apple EarPods come with remote and mic. It also includes a storage and travel case. It sure is a huge improvement from the other available products in the market right now.

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Call Recorder for Skype 2.3 from Ecamm Networks


Skype users world wide, here’s some good news for you folks! There is a new version of Call Recorder (which can be availed at the price of USD 14.95 from Ecamm Networks) which is also compatible with the recently launched Skype 2.7. Aside from adding a window to Skype for Mac users so they can save recordings of both incoming and outgoing Skype calls, this version of the program now includes a new two-track video recording option that has an enhanced video recording quality. Recorded calls are saved in Quicktime format but can be converted later on to MP3 format which can be edited for other purposes such as podcasting.


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Sound Trippers

Have you had your earplugs in your ears all day? Is your mp3 player by your side 24/7? Are you “sound tripping” most of the time?

There is nothing more soothing than listening to your favorite music (whatever genre it might be) while relaxing at home or anywhere you can find comfort. Those who are addicted to listening to music are very much updated with “what’s hot” in the music industry. More so, those whose passion is sound tripping are normally updated in what’s new in the mp3 world. They have the latest mp3 gadgets as they invest in mp3 devices. They also know where to go for cheap finds (whether online or at their local shops).


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Audio Editing

Altering the softness or loudness of the music file, diffusing and noise reduction, fade in and fade out of sounds and musical scoring are only a few of the features of some of the audio editing tools available for download on the internet. Editing such audio files is not that easy—you need to be at least familiar with the different tools of editing programs since one wrong click can ruin your entire sound clip.

I have tried to edit some sound files (I’m an amateur, not a professional one); tried to grope around the interface of the audio editor and luckily, have produced magnificent sounds.


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Ringo Pro


Ringo Pro is the MP3 Ringtones Manager from Pocketgear. This amazing software adds MP3 ringtones to your Treo Ringo Pro. You can choose your own music or experiment a lot with real tones. It will definitely add pizzazz and individuality to your Treo gears and devices with new and uniue call effects. Ringo Pro also allows users to set different ringtones for friends and caller groups. Choose a specific MP3 or Midi ring and SMS tone for each of your contacts. You can also individualize images that show up on screen when a contact calls. Set-up is very easy with the use of the Treo Address Book for the organization of your contacts.

Source: Pocketgear

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“Old school mp3 player”


Image Source: Chinavision

Not so much a software-related article…

Give it up for the old school! Yep, people of my generation and older will surely like the novelty of this cute MP3 player, especially since it looks much like a tape. Although it has no internal memory, this player has external memory that is SD/MMC card compatible with space of max.2GB. It is also compatible with Windows 2000 and XP. What�s cool about it is that it can act as a stand alone MP3 player while it can also be played as a normal cassette player (cool if your car has a tape deck). It has a 7 button interface and has a repeat playback mode. It can be recharged by USB cable.

Source: Chinavision

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MP3 Quality

Somebody questioned the quality of an MP3 audio file; he said that “…is MP3 format good in sound quality than the other audio formats?” I answered him “I know you know.” Because he knows what MP3 means.

As we all know, MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 is a compressed sound format, for that meaning MP3 has not good enough sound quality. Why? Because it is a compression format so that the sound waves are limited to their position or for short it is not flexible unlike the other audio file formats that can feature much higher than MP3 can. Therefore, MP3 is not really good in quality, it is could just stored in a small bytes sound mediums.

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