Sticking with Your MP3 Software

Ever hear of the saying “Why fix something that isn’t broken?”

When it comes to MP3, why should you indeed?

Despite there being newer and better audio file formats in existence, there are still new MP3 software coming out from time to time. These may be music players that supports the MP3 format like iTunes or file editors like MP3 Tag. Whatever kind of new MP3 software you come across, why not forego it this time and stick with what you are using?

The only real reason to shift to a new MP3 software or start using a new one is if it has features that are not available in your old software. So instead of taking out your credit card to download the “latest” MP3 software, save your money and make use of what you have. After all, the very features you like might be included in the next update of the software or app you currently have.

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MP3 Book Keeper: Audio File Organizer and MP3 Tagger

Last month we featured MP3Tag, a universal tag editor ideal for batch editing. This time we’ve found another good program to use for batch editing your MP3 files called MP3 Book Helper.

MP3 Book Helper “provides rapid Mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) and Ogg/Speex/Flac Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions.” It also has other nifty features like the ability to “undo and preview all changes, capitalization, search and replace, and use parts of file name or directory structure for tags.” Even better, you can easily add information about the artists and album from the freedb database over internet.

Now, with two convenient MP3 tagging software available for use, you have no excuse not to go about organizing your audio files, from your music to your audio books. After all, it’s not only a good organizing tool but is also a sound financial decision since using it won’t cost you a cent.

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MP3 downloads

MP3 downloads are now made convenient for all users. One only needs an Internet connection and then he will be able to listen to bands of interests, favorite songs, and even watch popular videos. Through various websites and links, one can easily search for a song, download, and enjoy listening to it. Downloads have never been this quick and easily accessed. Entertainment is definitely made easier through the rise of the MP3 software but the ease and enjoyment it brings are as well dependent on the Internet. The internet paved way for downloads at minimal cost which benefit the users. Taking these all facts together, it can be said that the MP3 software resulted to increase in users and together with this, there will as well be a continuous increase in the invention of other software that as well caters to entertainment. Users should enjoy every offer but still know the limitations that go with the involved usage.

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Downsides of the MP3 Software

The rise of users of the MP3 Software didn’t only pave way for an increase in its market but unfortunately there is as well a corresponding increase in abusive users; those that take advantage of the benefits that can be obtained from the MP3. Music piracy has never been as evident as it is at present. This is very much evident through the uncountable sources of music that cater to illegal downloads. This then leads to original music being neglected and making the artists and producer suffer from such alarming activity. Nevertheless, this prevalent piracy still resulted to even more damage in the online community through the presence of various viruses. These viruses are as easy to obtain as that of illegal downloads which in most cases, these two usually go together. Worst, if these viruses are taken for granted, further damage occurs which is most evident in the form of data loss or system breakdown.

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Advantages of MP3

The rise of the MP3 technology didn’t only pave way for more sources of music but more to it being a source, such technology is known to produce quality entertainment that majority seems to enjoy nowadays. There are several advantages that go with the usage of MP3. Firstly, MP3s are known for its files that are of small memory. With this, the user is able to download more files specifically, a large variety of music. Another advantage is on the aspect of cost, MP3 downloads are known for its minimal cost and at times, even free of cost thus allowing more users to enjoy its usage. Lastly, MP3 music and downloads are very much evident and attainable in the Internet. One can easily search for a song and instantly be presented by options that cater to its download. Users are able to have such convenient source of entertainment; music is definitely better appreciated through the rise of the MP3 technology.

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MP3Tag: Easy MP3 Tag Editing

MP3TagDownloading MP3s and ripping them off your CDs is really easy, which means that compiling your favorite music and transferring your files into any computer should be a breeze. The problem though is that even though it SHOULD be, it isn’t always is.

The reason for this is that many times, the software used to rip audio CDs do not come with the capability to automatically sort the files since it does not copy all the other information needed to categorize your music files – the tags. The same is true for downloaded music, with many files not even tagged at all. While tagging your music manually is no big deal at all if it’s only for one album, doing so for hundreds or thousands of files is just not realistic. Not even the most dedicated sound tripper wouldn’t want to do it!

The good news is that there are tagging software available, like the MP3Tag, that helps automate the process for you. MP3Tag lets you do batch tag editing, download new/missing album covers, rename the files based on the tags, and so much more.

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Converting Video and Audio Files to MP3 Format Online

mp3 file convertWe have mentioned before that the solution to MP3 file format problems is to simply convert your audio files to MP3 files. While this may seem daunting to the uninitiated, the fact is that audio files can easily be converted using apps. In fact, you don’t even have to install any software on your computer just to do this since there are plenty of FREE online audio file converters you can use to convert video and audio files to an MP3 file.

Two free online file converters you might want to try are and ConvertAudioOnline is really stragihtforward and perfect for beginners, but has more functionalities such as converting video and audio files that are stored online (e.g. YouTube videos) simply by entering the URL of the file. It even lets you dictate the quality of the converted file by setting the bitrate and sampling rate and checking the normalize audio box.

Converting audio files is really a breeze with these online converters.

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Amazon Out to Disrupt iTunes with its New MP3 Store

amazon-mp3-logoMove over iTunes because while we may love you as an MP3 player, we’ve got a new MP3 store that’s exciting us with its super low prices.

Amazon recently launched it Amazon MP3 store where you can get songs for as low as $0.60 per track and an entire album for just $5.99. Even better, it is attracting new customers with an additional 20% on the next album you buy. Sounds like a really great deal right?

So what’s the snag? Nothing really, except that you have to use the Amazon Cloud Player to play the tunes if you download it directly on your iOS device. If you wish to play it via iTunes, that will mean having to use your Mac or desktop PC to sync your files first. Other than that, it’s just as good as any MP3s you buy from the iTunes store. This makes for lots of happy customers and one unhappy company, that is Apple.

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Mp3 File Format Problems

Have you ever experienced uploading your file on the internet (any social networking site that allows file uploading or perhaps, your personal blog) yet, cannot upload it because it has the wrong format? Do not despair. In fact you can do something about it.

Some websites only support certain file type extensions. For photos, most sites only accept .jpg, .gif or .png files, while on the other hand, most sites only allow .mp3 files to be uploaded. If your audio file is not in the mp3 format, what you can do is to convert it first to mp3. After you have converted the file, try to upload it again and if the upload succeeds, then you’re on it.

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Chat Widget Allows Sharing of MP3 Links

If you have an mp3 website and you want to let your visitors chat real time with each other as well as be able to upload mp3 links via chat, then Chatwing is the chat widget you are looking for.

Chatwing has been providing their chatbox widget for some time now. However it is only a couple of days ago that they announced their chat widget’s ability to upload images and mp3 links. This comes as a nice bonus to the already really friendly chatbox, encouraging even greater social sharing between visitors of a site. This is important to website owners because the more people can do on your site, the longer they are apt to stay just like visitors will stay longer in a warm and comfy house, but will make excuses to leave if they get bored.

What’s even better about Chatwing is that it is absolutely free! So if you haven’t tried Chatwing on your site yet, check it out and see if mp3 sharing via chat on your site encourages sound trippers to participate.

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