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Sony NWZ-A820 Walkman


I was born in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s. Yeah, I know… I’m ancient. One of the stuff during that period that this generation would probably have laughed at is the Sony Walkman. Oh man! I could still remember moi with the rather awkward black rectangle that I kept clipped at the back of my jeans. Those were the days…

And now come April of this year (pricing to be confirmed), Sony will be releasing its new walkman, the NWZ-A820 which claims to offer 30 hours and 40 mins of video/audio. Sony’s answer to the iPod? You bet!


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Cd “The Ripper”

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CD Ripper softwares abound in the internet. Most sites offer them for free, others for a premium. People, just like me, who have amassed a huge library of compact discs of music and movies are plagued with a problem. STORAGE. Where shall i put them now. And for others to come? The best way is to convert these cd files into a much more compact size and store it on my computer or on an external hard drive. A CD ripper will rip a CD track and convert it into any format you so like, mp3, wma or wav and save it. Its as simple as that. CD to MP3 ripper programs can do a lot of functions. And they have some cool tools you should also try out. Some programs allow you to design your own cover designs for that newly converted MP3 CDs of your favorite rock band. Some allow you to connect and sync with iTunes.

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Call Recorder for Skype 2.3 from Ecamm Networks


Skype users world wide, here’s some good news for you folks! There is a new version of Call Recorder (which can be availed at the price of USD 14.95 from Ecamm Networks) which is also compatible with the recently launched Skype 2.7. Aside from adding a window to Skype for Mac users so they can save recordings of both incoming and outgoing Skype calls, this version of the program now includes a new two-track video recording option that has an enhanced video recording quality. Recorded calls are saved in Quicktime format but can be converted later on to MP3 format which can be edited for other purposes such as podcasting.


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Norwegian hacker “DVD Jon” best known for his software that can bypasses copying restrictions on DVDs has developed a new program that can rid of digital rights management restrictions on iTunes. W00t to the Mac peeps out there!

Anyway, the software known as DoubleTwist (released by a company in Sa Francisco), can actually allow users to convert DRM-protected tracks into MP3 files which can then be played on any portable device besides the iPod. Obvious target – songs sold at Apple’s iTunes. Not only that, DoubleTwist also allows people to transfer photos from Facebook pages to cell phones.

Of course, the question still remains, “Is it legal?”

SOURCE: Mediapost

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Digital Audio: What To Look for in Software

In order for you to listen to all the tunes that you’ve download to your computer or to all the recorded songs you stored with it you need to have an MP3 Audio Software, an audio player which can be able to read all the files in your computer and translate them into music.

MPEG-3 (MP3), Windows Media Audio (WMA), WAV and Jukeboxes are combined audio player that functions with the capability to encode, or record, audio files in several formats.

So be sure to have it on your PC right now and have fun in listening songs from your CD collection to your computer. Just sit back and relax while listening to the collects collection of music you have.

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Decoding .flac files with Winamp

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First things first, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed Winamp, the Flac with library support plug-in for Winamp, and iTunes, all of which are free.
There are two steps in converting your .flac files to .mp3. The first is to decode the .flac’s into .wav files. After that’s done, you’ll encode the .wav files into .mp3’s.

Steps in decoding .flac files with Winamp
1. Open Winamp and select Options and then Preferences… (note: if you’re using the “classic version” skin, open the Winamp Preferences by clicking the Control and p keys on your keyboard)

2. Select Output from the Plug-ins section of the left window, and then select Nullsoft Disk Writer. Click Configure.

3. Click the Directory: button so you can choose a location to save the .wav files

4. Navigate to the folder you want to save the .wav files in. I usually save them in the same folder as the .flac files.

5. Click OK to return to the Preferences window, and then Close to return to Winamp. Now select File -> Play file… and navigate to the folder with your .flac files. Select all of the .flac files by single-clicking the first file, holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, and then single-clicking the last file. When all of the files are selected, click Open

6. Press the Play button. Winamp will now decode the .flac files and turn them into .wav files. It typically takes about 20 seconds to convert a 5 minute song, but this depends on how “fast” your PC is.
Once Winamp is done decoding the files, make sure to set the Plug-ins -> Output back to DirectSound output, or the next time you try to play a file using Winamp, it will decode that file instead.
Check to make sure all of the .wav files were created.

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Quick Guide MP3 and Digital Music

MP3 files is one of the digital music format that shaken the industry today. The only problem is, is it cheaper to buy? How does this item help me in my daily life? Maybe ill only be in to the new trend…

Music help us relieved our tension, make us calm and help us feel better, but before we need radios or big cassettes just to listen to any music. (Oh how irritating!) We cannot put those things in our pocket. But with the latest MP3 Digital Music, music can be everywhere, anywhere and any time we want to listen to it.

You can easily enjoy and have fun of it thanks for the newest revolution we have the MP3 Digital Music.

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MP3 4U?

MP3′s is designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent the audio recording and still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio for most listeners, but is not considered High Fidelity audio by most audiophiles.

An MP3 file that is created using the mid-range bit rate setting of 128 Kbit/s will result in a file that is typically about 1/10th the size of the CD file created from the original audio source. An MP3 file can also be constructed at higher or lower bit rates, with higher or lower resulting quality.

MP3 newest gadget I really love!! Love it when it was with me. Having and enjoying every moment when I’m with this cool gadget. It has high-fidelity MP3s which do justice to your hours of hard work in the studio.

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