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MP3 Audio Disc

My friend gave me a CD before and told me that that CD contained more than 100 songs. I was baffled because I never thought that storing 100 plus song inside an ordinary CD was possible. I was only aware of the Audio CDs sold in music stores that contained more or less 20 songs.

Then I knew the secret. For you to have more than 100 songs in your CD, you have to burn the files as “data” files and not “audio” files. Audio CDs (like the ones sold in stores) do have files that have different “add-ons” attached so you can pop it in your player and listen to it. Mp3 files, if burned as data files, are stored in the CD without added extensions.


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itunes logoWhen it comes to MP3 software, nothing still beats iTunes at least in terms of popularity. In case you have been shying away from using it though as a Windows user or as someone who uses a non-Apple MP3 player (What! No iPod?), what you should realize is that iTunes is a cross-platform app, which means that there are versions compatible even with your Windows system.

The great thing about iTunes, especially the new iTunes, is that it aside from the really nice look it is actually very intuitive so that even first time user won’t have a hard time playing music or even tweaking settings to categorize their music. It also links directly to the iTunes store (if you have internet connection), which means that you get instant access to different kind of content and not just music. With iTunes you can buy or download free music, podcasts, audio books, and more. So really, iTunes is more than just an MP3 software.

Be careful if you try it though because it just might encourage you to start buying Apple products starting from an earpods and on to bigger more expensive gadgets!

Image via Apple iTunes

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MP3Tag: Easy MP3 Tag Editing

MP3TagDownloading MP3s and ripping them off your CDs is really easy, which means that compiling your favorite music and transferring your files into any computer should be a breeze. The problem though is that even though it SHOULD be, it isn’t always is.

The reason for this is that many times, the software used to rip audio CDs do not come with the capability to automatically sort the files since it does not copy all the other information needed to categorize your music files – the tags. The same is true for downloaded music, with many files not even tagged at all. While tagging your music manually is no big deal at all if it’s only for one album, doing so for hundreds or thousands of files is just not realistic. Not even the most dedicated sound tripper wouldn’t want to do it!

The good news is that there are tagging software available, like the MP3Tag, that helps automate the process for you. MP3Tag lets you do batch tag editing, download new/missing album covers, rename the files based on the tags, and so much more.

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Mp3 File Format Problems

Have you ever experienced uploading your file on the internet (any social networking site that allows file uploading or perhaps, your personal blog) yet, cannot upload it because it has the wrong format? Do not despair. In fact you can do something about it.

Some websites only support certain file type extensions. For photos, most sites only accept .jpg, .gif or .png files, while on the other hand, most sites only allow .mp3 files to be uploaded. If your audio file is not in the mp3 format, what you can do is to convert it first to mp3. After you have converted the file, try to upload it again and if the upload succeeds, then you’re on it.

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The Difference between MP3 and MP4

As we all know, mp3 is a compressed type of audio file, but have you heard the file type “mp4”? It is a fact that both the mp3 and the mp4 are MPEGs but what are their differences?

The mp4 is a multimedia type of file format, meaning it is not only limited to audio files. If mp3s are audio files only, mp4s are for all types of media such as audio (only), video, images, games and so on and so forth. There are some mp4 players available in the market today that are small and handy, so you can watch your video clips anywhere you go.


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Sound Trippers

Have you had your earplugs in your ears all day? Is your mp3 player by your side 24/7? Are you “sound tripping” most of the time?

There is nothing more soothing than listening to your favorite music (whatever genre it might be) while relaxing at home or anywhere you can find comfort. Those who are addicted to listening to music are very much updated with “what’s hot” in the music industry. More so, those whose passion is sound tripping are normally updated in what’s new in the mp3 world. They have the latest mp3 gadgets as they invest in mp3 devices. They also know where to go for cheap finds (whether online or at their local shops).


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Audio Editing

Altering the softness or loudness of the music file, diffusing and noise reduction, fade in and fade out of sounds and musical scoring are only a few of the features of some of the audio editing tools available for download on the internet. Editing such audio files is not that easy—you need to be at least familiar with the different tools of editing programs since one wrong click can ruin your entire sound clip.

I have tried to edit some sound files (I’m an amateur, not a professional one); tried to grope around the interface of the audio editor and luckily, have produced magnificent sounds.


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MP3 Quality

Somebody questioned the quality of an MP3 audio file; he said that “…is MP3 format good in sound quality than the other audio formats?” I answered him “I know you know.” Because he knows what MP3 means.

As we all know, MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 is a compressed sound format, for that meaning MP3 has not good enough sound quality. Why? Because it is a compression format so that the sound waves are limited to their position or for short it is not flexible unlike the other audio file formats that can feature much higher than MP3 can. Therefore, MP3 is not really good in quality, it is could just stored in a small bytes sound mediums.

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From the bowels of the open-source community comes Songbird that is a combination audio player and web browser. The browser part does not come as a surprise for it is based on the world favorite FireFox Browser that everybody seems to be using nowadays. The software is multi-platform but ones released for use in Linux are not tested too much that it might be best to stay away if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Surprisingly this software has the ability to connect with iTunes and even allows access to iPods, iPhones and other Apple products that used to have sole functionality with their iTunes system.
It has several plug-ins and extensions that would add more functions such as chart watching and chatting. Now at release 1.10 an upcoming update to the system is out in beta so do watch out for one of the best and free audio software out on the market to date.

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EAC ripping software

I’ve been ripping most of my CDs into mp3s for use in my portable music players. It’s an easy enough affair because I just use the free EAC software to rip the music in a high bitrate. It’s a very nifty piece of freeware that’s is also probably the best ripper available in the market right now.
Setting up EAC is easy. Many of the settings are easy to understand and use and you can rip your CD in a variety of formats. But to really get the most out of EAC, you should take the time to learn how to configure it from a more advanced level. There are tutorials available online on how to correctly tweak EAC to rip the best quality MP3 or FLAC files.

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