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From the bowels of the open-source community comes Songbird that is a combination audio player and web browser. The browser part does not come as a surprise for it is based on the world favorite FireFox Browser that everybody seems to be using nowadays. The software is multi-platform but ones released for use in Linux are not tested too much that it might be best to stay away if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Surprisingly this software has the ability to connect with iTunes and even allows access to iPods, iPhones and other Apple products that used to have sole functionality with their iTunes system.
It has several plug-ins and extensions that would add more functions such as chart watching and chatting. Now at release 1.10 an upcoming update to the system is out in beta so do watch out for one of the best and free audio software out on the market to date.

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Touch Screen Ipod from the Apple Company

One of the leading source of high technology gadget it the Apple Company. It is known for a fact that they sell gadgets out on the market with reasonable price having at the same time the expected quality of the consumer on the product. One of the awaited gadgets to be out on the market is the Apple Ipod Touch. This kind of gadget has features that can accommodate downloads with its high memory. It is very convenient to use because aside from the fact that it gives convenience in saving many downloadable files from the computer to this gadget, it is also easy to use. This gadget is a touch screen, you can flick it if you like and search for the music that you want anytime, anywhere. This is convenient because you won’t have to use your fingers in pressing pads, just touch and flick it, it will go the way that you like. You can save hundreds of mp3, plus you can download and save your photos and even movies. This is how convenient Apple Ipod Touch is.

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Decoding .flac files with Winamp

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First things first, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed Winamp, the Flac with library support plug-in for Winamp, and iTunes, all of which are free.
There are two steps in converting your .flac files to .mp3. The first is to decode the .flac’s into .wav files. After that’s done, you’ll encode the .wav files into .mp3’s.

Steps in decoding .flac files with Winamp
1. Open Winamp and select Options and then Preferences… (note: if you’re using the “classic version” skin, open the Winamp Preferences by clicking the Control and p keys on your keyboard)

2. Select Output from the Plug-ins section of the left window, and then select Nullsoft Disk Writer. Click Configure.

3. Click the Directory: button so you can choose a location to save the .wav files

4. Navigate to the folder you want to save the .wav files in. I usually save them in the same folder as the .flac files.

5. Click OK to return to the Preferences window, and then Close to return to Winamp. Now select File -> Play file… and navigate to the folder with your .flac files. Select all of the .flac files by single-clicking the first file, holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, and then single-clicking the last file. When all of the files are selected, click Open

6. Press the Play button. Winamp will now decode the .flac files and turn them into .wav files. It typically takes about 20 seconds to convert a 5 minute song, but this depends on how “fast” your PC is.
Once Winamp is done decoding the files, make sure to set the Plug-ins -> Output back to DirectSound output, or the next time you try to play a file using Winamp, it will decode that file instead.
Check to make sure all of the .wav files were created.

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Microsoft’s Zune makes gains on iPod


Remember Zune? It was launched a year ago as Microsoft‘s attempt at waging a digital music war against Apple‘s iPod. Although obviously, iPod has gained a wider lead, the new Zune line of MP3 players has actually made a great deal of progress. One of which is making it in’s list of top-selling MP3 players in late November. Let me correct that – the 30GB and 134-dollar digital media player actually became number one. It even topped the iPod Nano! Zune’s strategy includes huge discounts and favorable reviews of its 2.0 line of products. Unfortunately, the win was a little short-lived, but nevertheless, it was a tremendous achievement for Zune and Microsoft as Apple contribute to more than half of the products in the digital media market.


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