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Volume Control

There are just a few proposed standards for encoding to gain and MP3 file, listeners may want to hear the music file like an original soundtrack, but this does not conclude that they want to use volume control for each track being played, but notice the music played on an original compact disc, the volume was intentionally set by a professional mastering engineer, for each track has equal volume, compact discs & other different sources are digitally mastered and recorded at different volumes, so when playing tracks one after the another, it may be convienient to set volume information on the tag being used so when you play it again, the volume dynamically adjusts itself.

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Switch Sound File Converter

One of the many file conversion utilities around to get those tunes converted to the best formats that can be used on just about anything that can play digital media. Capable of converting audio files to Windows and even Mac supported players, it can convert to the many formats that may be required by the many media players out on the market. Loaded with several popular codecs, it can handle and convert to and from just about any format so you get to playing your tunes on your gadget or mobile device. Read the rest of this entry »

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Apple EarPods

If you are like me, listening to music 24/7 then you probably have the same hidden aversion towards inner-earphones (uncomfortable and annoying as hell) Apple’s new EarPods is a great new product that makes listening to music anywhere better. I think everyone who has it would agree with me and with Apple’s recent press event, they announced that they’ve shipped 600 million sets of the headphones!  This tiny piece of magic are the MOST comfortable buds that has been produced. It is defined by the geometry of the ear. You get high quality audio and I’ve heard this comment more than once before “it produces deeper, richer bass tones” Oh such a gift for fellow drum and bass lovers like me! For $30, it is a steal. Apple EarPods come with remote and mic. It also includes a storage and travel case. It sure is a huge improvement from the other available products in the market right now.

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Want free and open sourced audio software that not only runs on Linux but Windows as well, then MPlayer is here for you. It allows re-encoding through a secondary/accompanying program MEncoder to several widely used formats that makes it a versatile tool Thought to have long been abandoned since the first developers stopped work on it during the beginning of the year 2000, it has again resurfaced with their site stating the re-launch of development and the restarting of their server for all to once again use and enjoy.
Updates for Ubuntu and other Linux systems are available from their site as well as release dates for new versions/improvements so do check in from time to time so you get the latest versions and plugins to maximize use.

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Sticking with Your MP3 Software

Ever hear of the saying “Why fix something that isn’t broken?”

When it comes to MP3, why should you indeed?

Despite there being newer and better audio file formats in existence, there are still new MP3 software coming out from time to time. These may be music players that supports the MP3 format like iTunes or file editors like MP3 Tag. Whatever kind of new MP3 software you come across, why not forego it this time and stick with what you are using?

The only real reason to shift to a new MP3 software or start using a new one is if it has features that are not available in your old software. So instead of taking out your credit card to download the “latest” MP3 software, save your money and make use of what you have. After all, the very features you like might be included in the next update of the software or app you currently have.

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Text-to-Speech for Business Telephony with Asterisk PBX

It is expensive and wasteful to hire humans to answer or guide callers. This is when the beauty of automated natural sounding text-to-speech software is realized. Text-to-speech conversion with high-quality, natural sounding voices for hand-held, desktop, and server applications adds a lot of value to business telephony with Asterisk PBX.

Text-to-Speech voices are available in 6 languages and 18 different characters including “Allison” the standard Asterisk voice. These voices are sizable and can range from 4 MB for embedded applications, to 100 MB for server-based installations. Text-to-Speech voices are tested on all major telephony platform operating systems including: Windows Server, Windows XP, Linux (32 & 64 bit), Solaris (Sparc and x86), and Mac (PowerPC and Intel).

The benefit of using text-to-speech voices with hosted Asterisk solution is that you can select a voice that fits your requirement, optimize it for your application, or even have voices built for a particular character or delivery. The voices run on the text-to-speech technology are petite and swift enough to run on handheld devices or distribute over the network.

The text-to-speech voice facility is not only limited to the telephony industry. In fact it is used across sectors such as health, navigation, mobile, toys & games, Government, industry, assistive, and many more. Now with Asterisk VOIP PBX, text-to speech functionality is available for really affordable prices to small and medium sized businesses. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the benefits of the best application hosting solutions, such as hosted VOIP PBX, Exchange, SharePoint, etc., which has become the preferred way for companies to implement business software.

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From the bowels of the open-source community comes Songbird that is a combination audio player and web browser. The browser part does not come as a surprise for it is based on the world favorite FireFox Browser that everybody seems to be using nowadays. The software is multi-platform but ones released for use in Linux are not tested too much that it might be best to stay away if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Surprisingly this software has the ability to connect with iTunes and even allows access to iPods, iPhones and other Apple products that used to have sole functionality with their iTunes system.
It has several plug-ins and extensions that would add more functions such as chart watching and chatting. Now at release 1.10 an upcoming update to the system is out in beta so do watch out for one of the best and free audio software out on the market to date.

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Open Source = Free

There are many audio players and software out on the market that can do a lot of things, from ripping, fixing, mastering to editing and many more one has all the options with a simple search on the internet.
Though most of us use the Windows operating system, there are quite a few who do use open sourced operating systems such as the likes of Linux and others. There are a handful to audio tools made available on Linux that can do almost anything Windows-based software can use based on technology such as ALSA that allows more precise sound card management on your computer. The basic technology they use is the Open Sound System that is the standard interface for audio capture and manipulation in the UNIX family of operating systems. More on open sourced software for the Linux system on the next posts so do check back.

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Advantage of Mp3 File Format

Mp3 formats are more practical when it comes to reserving space on your disk. Compared to other formats, mp3 is compressed making it to occupy lesser space on your disk or memory. Thus, you can save other files utilizing the left space, for more important data. Mp3 format converters are already out on the market be it with charge or free of charge. This converters or mp3 encoders will aid in transforming or changing another type of format to mp3 file format, compressed and with a low memory that will not hugely affect the function of your computer or music player, it is a fact that when you have a memory that is running too low, the function of your computer or music player will be greatly affected. One way of solving this problem is for you to be thrifty of your virtual memory. Henceforth, compressing music files to mp3 file format can make a big difference.

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Audio/Video Format – ASF

Advanced Streaming Format is Microsoft’s own digital audio/video container format and is part of the Windows media framework. It can store compressed audio and video content that can be played back using a media player equipped with the proper codec. This extensible file format is designed to keep coordinated multimedia data and supports advanced multimedia capabilities that include extensible media types, component download, and scaleable media. Windows Media Video (WMV) and Windows Media Audio (WMA) are the most common files found in an ASF file and can use the ASF extension. These files can also include the metadata for the audio/video file similar to ID3 tags for MP3 files.

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