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Essence of file converter

Downloading music of interest can be done in a minute and there isn’t much of a problem if one downloads a file of a different format than that of the software used. Converters are now available for the purpose of making it easier for users to transfer files into one’s player because nowadays, converting a file to a desired format can easily be done. What is the essence of these file converters? These are made for two purposes namely to give convenience to users and maximize the enjoyment brought by using an involved software. Knowing that there are now varying file converters, users limit the time needed to look for a corresponding file that is appropriate to the software used. The rise of file converters as well resulted to users being able to maximize the use and offers of various software and forms of technology making these sources of entertainment even more available.

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MP3 Book Keeper: Audio File Organizer and MP3 Tagger

Last month we featured MP3Tag, a universal tag editor ideal for batch editing. This time we’ve found another good program to use for batch editing your MP3 files called MP3 Book Helper.

MP3 Book Helper “provides rapid Mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) and Ogg/Speex/Flac Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions.” It also has other nifty features like the ability to “undo and preview all changes, capitalization, search and replace, and use parts of file name or directory structure for tags.” Even better, you can easily add information about the artists and album from the freedb database over internet.

Now, with two convenient MP3 tagging software available for use, you have no excuse not to go about organizing your audio files, from your music to your audio books. After all, it’s not only a good organizing tool but is also a sound financial decision since using it won’t cost you a cent.

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MP3 downloads

MP3 downloads are now made convenient for all users. One only needs an Internet connection and then he will be able to listen to bands of interests, favorite songs, and even watch popular videos. Through various websites and links, one can easily search for a song, download, and enjoy listening to it. Downloads have never been this quick and easily accessed. Entertainment is definitely made easier through the rise of the MP3 software but the ease and enjoyment it brings are as well dependent on the Internet. The internet paved way for downloads at minimal cost which benefit the users. Taking these all facts together, it can be said that the MP3 software resulted to increase in users and together with this, there will as well be a continuous increase in the invention of other software that as well caters to entertainment. Users should enjoy every offer but still know the limitations that go with the involved usage.

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Downsides of the MP3 Software

The rise of users of the MP3 Software didn’t only pave way for an increase in its market but unfortunately there is as well a corresponding increase in abusive users; those that take advantage of the benefits that can be obtained from the MP3. Music piracy has never been as evident as it is at present. This is very much evident through the uncountable sources of music that cater to illegal downloads. This then leads to original music being neglected and making the artists and producer suffer from such alarming activity. Nevertheless, this prevalent piracy still resulted to even more damage in the online community through the presence of various viruses. These viruses are as easy to obtain as that of illegal downloads which in most cases, these two usually go together. Worst, if these viruses are taken for granted, further damage occurs which is most evident in the form of data loss or system breakdown.

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Advantages of MP3

The rise of the MP3 technology didn’t only pave way for more sources of music but more to it being a source, such technology is known to produce quality entertainment that majority seems to enjoy nowadays. There are several advantages that go with the usage of MP3. Firstly, MP3s are known for its files that are of small memory. With this, the user is able to download more files specifically, a large variety of music. Another advantage is on the aspect of cost, MP3 downloads are known for its minimal cost and at times, even free of cost thus allowing more users to enjoy its usage. Lastly, MP3 music and downloads are very much evident and attainable in the Internet. One can easily search for a song and instantly be presented by options that cater to its download. Users are able to have such convenient source of entertainment; music is definitely better appreciated through the rise of the MP3 technology.

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Text-to-Speech for Business Telephony with Asterisk PBX

It is expensive and wasteful to hire humans to answer or guide callers. This is when the beauty of automated natural sounding text-to-speech software is realized. Text-to-speech conversion with high-quality, natural sounding voices for hand-held, desktop, and server applications adds a lot of value to business telephony with Asterisk PBX.

Text-to-Speech voices are available in 6 languages and 18 different characters including “Allison” the standard Asterisk voice. These voices are sizable and can range from 4 MB for embedded applications, to 100 MB for server-based installations. Text-to-Speech voices are tested on all major telephony platform operating systems including: Windows Server, Windows XP, Linux (32 & 64 bit), Solaris (Sparc and x86), and Mac (PowerPC and Intel).

The benefit of using text-to-speech voices with hosted Asterisk solution is that you can select a voice that fits your requirement, optimize it for your application, or even have voices built for a particular character or delivery. The voices run on the text-to-speech technology are petite and swift enough to run on handheld devices or distribute over the network.

The text-to-speech voice facility is not only limited to the telephony industry. In fact it is used across sectors such as health, navigation, mobile, toys & games, Government, industry, assistive, and many more. Now with Asterisk VOIP PBX, text-to speech functionality is available for really affordable prices to small and medium sized businesses. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the benefits of the best application hosting solutions, such as hosted VOIP PBX, Exchange, SharePoint, etc., which has become the preferred way for companies to implement business software.

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