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Apple’s Ipod

Apple Inc. remains to be on top and manages to produce quality products. They are responsible for technologically advanced gadgets available in the market such as Macintosh Personal Computer, Macbook (laptop), and iPod.

iPod is a multimedia player that a person can bring everywhere he/she goes. It is also the gadget that can be seen in every store. Today, aside from iPod, there are also MP3 and MP4 units available in the market. MP3 and MP4 may have some similarities with iPod. They all can contain and play audio files. Looking at it, MP4 units are more similar to iPods since they can both play audio and video files, store images, and lyrics of songs. The main feature of iPods that separate them from ordinary MP3 and MP4 is their capacity to store more data files. There is no need to reduce or reformat the sizes of the files. There is an enough memory for everything that even all the MP3 and MP4 file formats combined will still be saved in a single iPod.


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