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Cd “The Ripper”

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CD Ripper softwares abound in the internet. Most sites offer them for free, others for a premium. People, just like me, who have amassed a huge library of compact discs of music and movies are plagued with a problem. STORAGE. Where shall i put them now. And for others to come? The best way is to convert these cd files into a much more compact size and store it on my computer or on an external hard drive. A CD ripper will rip a CD track and convert it into any format you so like, mp3, wma or wav and save it. Its as simple as that. CD to MP3 ripper programs can do a lot of functions. And they have some cool tools you should also try out. Some programs allow you to design your own cover designs for that newly converted MP3 CDs of your favorite rock band. Some allow you to connect and sync with iTunes.

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