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What are MP3 Players

Most teens consider MP3 as the “in-thing” to have. It is the equivalent of the walkman from way back. It stores digital music compressed to a much smaller size than a compact disc but the music is of the same quality. There is no need for storage devices to be slotted in to the unit to play music. It has similar components as the computer – data port, memory, microprocessor, digital signal processor, playback devices, audio port, amplifier and power supply. They come with software programs for managing files and downloading music. The unit is run either by batteries or by plugging into an AC adaptor.

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Birth of MP3

It is often said that the MP3 was invented by Karlheinz Brandenburg, but he doesn’t want to take the credit for it. He attributes its development to a host of core developers with many others contributing. While he was trying to discover the discipline of how people understand and see music, he was tasked to reproduce the song of a folk rock singer without the background noise. So in collaboration with other MP3 developers they were able to refine the technology up to a point that the song sounded just like the original. This served as the break they needed and further research had the MP3 establish its niche in the industry.

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Music Downloads Copyright

Buying a digital file of a recorded and copyrighted music from a licensed retailer does not mean that you bought the rights to the music content. What you paid for is the physical media and the right to listen to it in a non-commercial environment. You don’t own the music and you have no right to use the contents for either commercial or non-profit purposes. Using it in places where you cn earn money from it requires you to pay royalties to the copyright owners. You are requied to share your profits with them. Merely acknowledging the source does not substitute for asking permission.

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Tag Editor for MP3

MP3 tag editor lets you create playlists, edit MP3 tags, organize your music collection & audio files, organize folders, export data to different formats and more. With the MP3 tag you can create & modify playback lists and can find MP3 files on your PC according to specified tags you use. It is an innovative tool for data tag editing, change tags on a specified folder all at once or work with several files continuously. Data tags like ID3, APE & VORBIS for audio file formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, and many, many more. It has full control over WinAmp media player.

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Listening to Your iPod

Here are some useful information to make listening sampler.

• Moving your finger on the click wheel can scroll the menu and clicking its center will select the item.
• You can browse music by: playlist, song, artist, album or type, and when you have the song you want, simply clicking the select button will play it.
• Play/pause button allows you to stop the music on a particular spot and resume it when you need to.
• Pressing the forward button brings you to the next song and to adjust the volume, just move your fingers around the click wheel.
• To lock the controls on your iPod, use the hold switch.

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