Volume Control

There are just a few proposed standards for encoding to gain and MP3 file, listeners may want to hear the music file like an original soundtrack, but this does not conclude that they want to use volume control for each track being played, but notice the music played on an original compact disc, the volume was intentionally set by a professional mastering engineer, for each track has equal volume, compact discs & other different sources are digitally mastered and recorded at different volumes, so when playing tracks one after the another, it may be convienient to set volume information on the tag being used so when you play it again, the volume dynamically adjusts itself.

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Switch Sound File Converter

One of the many file conversion utilities around to get those tunes converted to the best formats that can be used on just about anything that can play digital media. Capable of converting audio files to Windows and even Mac supported players, it can convert to the many formats that may be required by the many media players out on the market. Loaded with several popular codecs, it can handle and convert to and from just about any format so you get to playing your tunes on your gadget or mobile device. Read the rest of this entry »

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Audio Editing

Altering the softness or loudness of the music file, diffusing and noise reduction, fade in and fade out of sounds and musical scoring are only a few of the features of some of the audio editing tools available for download on the internet. Editing such audio files is not that easy—you need to be at least familiar with the different tools of editing programs since one wrong click can ruin your entire sound clip.

I have tried to edit some sound files (I’m an amateur, not a professional one); tried to grope around the interface of the audio editor and luckily, have produced magnificent sounds.


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MP3Tag: Easy MP3 Tag Editing

MP3TagDownloading MP3s and ripping them off your CDs is really easy, which means that compiling your favorite music and transferring your files into any computer should be a breeze. The problem though is that even though it SHOULD be, it isn’t always is.

The reason for this is that many times, the software used to rip audio CDs do not come with the capability to automatically sort the files since it does not copy all the other information needed to categorize your music files – the tags. The same is true for downloaded music, with many files not even tagged at all. While tagging your music manually is no big deal at all if it’s only for one album, doing so for hundreds or thousands of files is just not realistic. Not even the most dedicated sound tripper wouldn’t want to do it!

The good news is that there are tagging software available, like the MP3Tag, that helps automate the process for you. MP3Tag lets you do batch tag editing, download new/missing album covers, rename the files based on the tags, and so much more.

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Cd “The Ripper”

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CD Ripper softwares abound in the internet. Most sites offer them for free, others for a premium. People, just like me, who have amassed a huge library of compact discs of music and movies are plagued with a problem. STORAGE. Where shall i put them now. And for others to come? The best way is to convert these cd files into a much more compact size and store it on my computer or on an external hard drive. A CD ripper will rip a CD track and convert it into any format you so like, mp3, wma or wav and save it. Its as simple as that. CD to MP3 ripper programs can do a lot of functions. And they have some cool tools you should also try out. Some programs allow you to design your own cover designs for that newly converted MP3 CDs of your favorite rock band. Some allow you to connect and sync with iTunes.

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CD to MP3 WAV Maker 2.10

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There is an easy and fast way to convert your favorite CD to any audio file like MP3, RM, WAV, WMA and OGG files. CD to MP3 WAV Maker is the solution. It is the newest software to come out which features the fastest tool to convert CD files. It is a very powerful tool. It supports batch conversion of MP3, Wav, Wma or Ogg to Mp3, Wav, Wma, Rm and Ogg. The Wav maker employs an advanced LAME encoder and Ogg codec. It allows you to choose between various qualities and bitrates of Mp3, Wav, Wma and Ogg files. It offers powerful options for your special needs. It also supports Mp3 VBR and Ogg VBR. You can download the Audio Cd’s titles and album from the Internet Free DB. It also provides a tiny ID3 editor. You can edit the song title, artist, year, album and genre and so much more options. It has a built in Cd Player so you can listen to your files before converting it. It boasts of a strong reading disc function. Even the most worn out cd can be read by this software.

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Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner

For music lovers who just love to tinker about their audio files such as I, Visual MP3 Splitter and Joiner is just the tool to split and combine WAV and MP3 files. What�s cool about this tool is that it�s fast without recompressing the files. It can process batches and automatically detects silence. ID3 tags can be entered for each part from the splitting list and it�s just a matter of dragging and dropping files from Windows Explorer. For people from different nations will also find its multilingual interface useful. Try the v5.9 build 72 of the splitter since it has improved and added features.

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Total Video Converter

Here are some ways that can help you to download files from various streaming video sites. All you have to do is to download the free file converter called Total Video Converter. Next, copy the URL in the selected streaming video site and paste it in Keepvid.com. and choose the site where you got the video file. Download the file and open it using Total Video Converter to know the next steps that you should do.

Video files can also be converted into MP3 audio files. If you want to save the song of your favorite artist in your MP3 player you can download the music video and convert it into a MP3 audio file with the use of Total Video Converter.


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Ringo Pro


Ringo Pro is the MP3 Ringtones Manager from Pocketgear. This amazing software adds MP3 ringtones to your Treo Ringo Pro. You can choose your own music or experiment a lot with real tones. It will definitely add pizzazz and individuality to your Treo gears and devices with new and uniue call effects. Ringo Pro also allows users to set different ringtones for friends and caller groups. Choose a specific MP3 or Midi ring and SMS tone for each of your contacts. You can also individualize images that show up on screen when a contact calls. Set-up is very easy with the use of the Treo Address Book for the organization of your contacts.

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Essence of file converter

Downloading music of interest can be done in a minute and there isn’t much of a problem if one downloads a file of a different format than that of the software used. Converters are now available for the purpose of making it easier for users to transfer files into one’s player because nowadays, converting a file to a desired format can easily be done. What is the essence of these file converters? These are made for two purposes namely to give convenience to users and maximize the enjoyment brought by using an involved software. Knowing that there are now varying file converters, users limit the time needed to look for a corresponding file that is appropriate to the software used. The rise of file converters as well resulted to users being able to maximize the use and offers of various software and forms of technology making these sources of entertainment even more available.

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