Not all MP3 Files are Safe!

By: ReginPaul

Brian Williams of Security Focus reported that the one single of the Lifehouse band that is formatted to MP3 files has a secret. When the Windows Media Player of Microsoft played back the file, Lifehouse band’s single did not appear. They did not hear the song instead they saw a pornographic video.

The news journalist concludes that not all MP3 files are safe. I think that the file was corrupted by the pornographic idiots. For that reason, MP3 files are not always safe.
For the innocent sound trippers just want to say be careful on downloading your favorite songs that is configured in MP3 file format. This is a warning! On the other hand, I don’t said that all MP3 is evil but some of.

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MP3 Audio Disc

My friend gave me a CD before and told me that that CD contained more than 100 songs. I was baffled because I never thought that storing 100 plus song inside an ordinary CD was possible. I was only aware of the Audio CDs sold in music stores that contained more or less 20 songs.

Then I knew the secret. For you to have more than 100 songs in your CD, you have to burn the files as “data” files and not “audio” files. Audio CDs (like the ones sold in stores) do have files that have different “add-ons” attached so you can pop it in your player and listen to it. Mp3 files, if burned as data files, are stored in the CD without added extensions.


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アプリケーション・サイズは700KBで、Windows95、98、Me、NT、2000、XPに対応しています。30日の無料試用期間後は15ドルを支払う必要があります。アップデート、機能増強、バグ修正済みの最新版「Minis Ver. 2.3」をぜひお試しください。試してみる価値はあるでしょう。

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Apple EarPods

If you are like me, listening to music 24/7 then you probably have the same hidden aversion towards inner-earphones (uncomfortable and annoying as hell) Apple’s new EarPods is a great new product that makes listening to music anywhere better. I think everyone who has it would agree with me and with Apple’s recent press event, they announced that they’ve shipped 600 million sets of the headphones!  This tiny piece of magic are the MOST comfortable buds that has been produced. It is defined by the geometry of the ear. You get high quality audio and I’ve heard this comment more than once before “it produces deeper, richer bass tones” Oh such a gift for fellow drum and bass lovers like me! For $30, it is a steal. Apple EarPods come with remote and mic. It also includes a storage and travel case. It sure is a huge improvement from the other available products in the market right now.

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Want free and open sourced audio software that not only runs on Linux but Windows as well, then MPlayer is here for you. It allows re-encoding through a secondary/accompanying program MEncoder to several widely used formats that makes it a versatile tool Thought to have long been abandoned since the first developers stopped work on it during the beginning of the year 2000, it has again resurfaced with their site stating the re-launch of development and the restarting of their server for all to once again use and enjoy.
Updates for Ubuntu and other Linux systems are available from their site as well as release dates for new versions/improvements so do check in from time to time so you get the latest versions and plugins to maximize use.

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itunes logoWhen it comes to MP3 software, nothing still beats iTunes at least in terms of popularity. In case you have been shying away from using it though as a Windows user or as someone who uses a non-Apple MP3 player (What! No iPod?), what you should realize is that iTunes is a cross-platform app, which means that there are versions compatible even with your Windows system.

The great thing about iTunes, especially the new iTunes, is that it aside from the really nice look it is actually very intuitive so that even first time user won’t have a hard time playing music or even tweaking settings to categorize their music. It also links directly to the iTunes store (if you have internet connection), which means that you get instant access to different kind of content and not just music. With iTunes you can buy or download free music, podcasts, audio books, and more. So really, iTunes is more than just an MP3 software.

Be careful if you try it though because it just might encourage you to start buying Apple products starting from an earpods and on to bigger more expensive gadgets!

Image via Apple iTunes

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Sticking with Your MP3 Software

Ever hear of the saying “Why fix something that isn’t broken?”

When it comes to MP3, why should you indeed?

Despite there being newer and better audio file formats in existence, there are still new MP3 software coming out from time to time. These may be music players that supports the MP3 format like iTunes or file editors like MP3 Tag. Whatever kind of new MP3 software you come across, why not forego it this time and stick with what you are using?

The only real reason to shift to a new MP3 software or start using a new one is if it has features that are not available in your old software. So instead of taking out your credit card to download the “latest” MP3 software, save your money and make use of what you have. After all, the very features you like might be included in the next update of the software or app you currently have.

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MP3 Book Keeper: Audio File Organizer and MP3 Tagger

Last month we featured MP3Tag, a universal tag editor ideal for batch editing. This time we’ve found another good program to use for batch editing your MP3 files called MP3 Book Helper.

MP3 Book Helper “provides rapid Mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) and Ogg/Speex/Flac Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions.” It also has other nifty features like the ability to “undo and preview all changes, capitalization, search and replace, and use parts of file name or directory structure for tags.” Even better, you can easily add information about the artists and album from the freedb database over internet.

Now, with two convenient MP3 tagging software available for use, you have no excuse not to go about organizing your audio files, from your music to your audio books. After all, it’s not only a good organizing tool but is also a sound financial decision since using it won’t cost you a cent.

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MP3 downloads

MP3 downloads are now made convenient for all users. One only needs an Internet connection and then he will be able to listen to bands of interests, favorite songs, and even watch popular videos. Through various websites and links, one can easily search for a song, download, and enjoy listening to it. Downloads have never been this quick and easily accessed. Entertainment is definitely made easier through the rise of the MP3 software but the ease and enjoyment it brings are as well dependent on the Internet. The internet paved way for downloads at minimal cost which benefit the users. Taking these all facts together, it can be said that the MP3 software resulted to increase in users and together with this, there will as well be a continuous increase in the invention of other software that as well caters to entertainment. Users should enjoy every offer but still know the limitations that go with the involved usage.

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Essence of file converter

Downloading music of interest can be done in a minute and there isn’t much of a problem if one downloads a file of a different format than that of the software used. Converters are now available for the purpose of making it easier for users to transfer files into one’s player because nowadays, converting a file to a desired format can easily be done. What is the essence of these file converters? These are made for two purposes namely to give convenience to users and maximize the enjoyment brought by using an involved software. Knowing that there are now varying file converters, users limit the time needed to look for a corresponding file that is appropriate to the software used. The rise of file converters as well resulted to users being able to maximize the use and offers of various software and forms of technology making these sources of entertainment even more available.

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